We’re all Living Longer! Make the most of these wonderful years?


One in five of us are going to live to see 100*. Are you ready to make it a happy and fulfilling life?

Over 1/3 of the UK population is now over 50, and we are getting older – predictions suggest that by 2040, almost a quarter of us will be over 65. The great news is we are living longer, but just being alive does not, of course, guarantee happiness; that needs to be worked at.

The next piece of good news is that there is plenty that you can do about it, simple steps towards a truly happy, older you. Alongside keeping healthy, giving up work is high on most people’s priority list, but this does not automatically lead to satisfaction – perhaps you just need to look at your time in a different way?

Think about working with a more positive mindset; you could continue in a role that you enjoy, but on less hours, to allow you time to appreciate other activities, whilst continuing to provide an income. Or consider the opportunity to start something new – it is the perfect time to follow your dreams and start that business that you have always thought about, at a time when most people have less outgoings and dependents or for a little added security you may consider a small low cost franchise business maverickgroup.org.uk Having a continuing income gives financial independence, and a fulfilling role helps us to feel valued and motivated, all essential factors in long term happiness; the key is to get the balance right for you.

Simple changes can play a big part in helping you to enjoy your later years – it is never too early to start planning for a contented life.

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*Statistics taken from ‘Later Life in the UK’ produced by Age UK, February 2016.