Wake Up and Smell the Decaffeinated Coffee


Three friends from Nottingham set up their own business out of their own shared love of a good coffee; 200 degrees was born

The wholesale coffee roasters offer barista training and are championing Decaffeinated coffee- a slightly healthier alternative to your caffeinated cup that kicks you out of bed every morning. The trio’s website claims that “Decaffeinated coffee will always have less flavour than it’s fully caffeinated big brother. But the key to a good cup is the freshness of the roast, the freshness of the grind, and the decaffeination process used.

Many of the big players in the coffee world use beans that have had the caffeine removed using a cheap cocktail of chemicals that bind to the caffeine to take it away. Not only can youPrint taste the ‘chemicaly’ flavour in your beverage, but these chemicals have also recently been linked to the onset of cancer.”

Yikes! So what exactly is it about the process that makes these Rainforest Alliance Certified beans a healthier option than you regular coffee? 200 Degrees use a special process, with no expense or detail spared. Tim Moss, one of the three founders of 200 Degrees explains that the lengthy process involves saturating the bean with mountain water (a special technique called Swiss Water Process) which then doubles the size of the bean.

After 10 hours, a green coffee extract is added to the beans, which the caffeine then binds to. The now saturated, caffeine free bean goes through a drying process.The coffee extracts are processed again, meaning that there is no wastage. Although decaff coffee is by no means “healthy”, it is a by far healthier option than regular coffee. May be worth considering a small change for bigger health benefits.