The moment I fell in love with music and a beard


I’ve always been in love with music; it’s always factored majorly in my life, probably because it’s always been a huge part of my relationship with my dad.

I saw my first live gig at 13, and have been eager to go to as many as possible since.

Unfortunately money isn’t so forgiving so I hadn’t been to a gig for a while.

But May of this year I took a trip with my dad to the Rescue Rooms to watch one of his favourite musicians.

Before the main act came on stage, out strolled this beard of a man with a guitar. I didn’t know what I expected but in hindsight I definitely didn’t expect to still be excited about it six months down the line.

His name is Sean Rowe.

He’s a 38-year-old alternative folk singer-songwriter and musician from New York. His music is haunting and beautiful, his voice unkempt and deep– resonating with Tom Waits, but not like him. No one is. But then again, no one is like Sean Rowe.

His music is real, striking you somewhere behind your bellybutton, plucking at your spine. You don’t hear this music; you feel it. Rowe feels it. He spent 24 days alone on a survival course in the woods for inspiration, and you feel it in his songs.

If you don’t know him, you have to find him. If you don’t love him then you definitely need to listen again!

He is a bearded magician of a man who plays the guitar so well it rattles the bones in your body while his voice soaks into your skin and makes those little hairs stand on end. Man, that voice. It’s phenomenal.

Here I was in a small venue in Nottingham experiencing some kind of euphoria.

My favourite tracks were (and still are – after thousands of plays) “Wrong Side of the Bed” and “Old Black Dodge” which are just tremendous!

After his incredibly amazing session I scrambled over in awe to meet him, I never thought I’d be star struck but … wow. It was embarrassing.

And to top it all off he is a genuinely nice bloke, signing everything I nervously threw at him and just having a nice chat.

Right now he’s touring the USA but as soon as he’s back I recommend you see him while you can! I know I will! Probably several times for that matter!

In the meantime make sure you give him a listen, and when you’ve fallen in love, which you will, hope that he comes back to Nottingham, and soon at that.