Secondary Schools Applications – September 2014


September 2014 sees over 98% of Nottinghamshire residents being offered one of their four preferred schools

Monday, 3 March – known as National Offer Day – will see parents across the country find out which secondary school their child has been allocated.

Nottinghamshire County Council committee chairman for children and young people’s services Councillor John Peck said: “We’ve done a lot of work over this past year encouraging parents to use all four of their preferences on the application form rather than only making one choice and thereby limiting their options.”

And nearly 93% of Nottinghamshire residents (7,252 out of a total of 7,834) were also offered their first choice of secondary school.

“The figures show that a majority of parents in the county have seen their children successfully allocated to their top choice of school. We are of course determined to keep improving on these figures in years to come though,” added Councillor Peck.