Ruddington Mums: One year on and going strong.


An enterprising mum’s initiative to bring her community closer together is celebrating its 1st birthday.

The Ruddington Mum’s Facebook page is an interactive online social resource for the village’s mums, offering handy information regarding local schools and businesses.

The group already has more than 500 members and Miss R Mums was shortlisted in the ‘Building Stronger Communities’ category at the recent Rushcliffe Community Partnership Community Awards.

The mum-of-two, who moved to Ruddington three years ago, said she initially set up the group because she didn’t know anyone.

“I thought there needed to be something in the village that brings all of us together. “When my daughter started at school in reception I didn’t know anyone. It seemed as though the other mums on the school run knew each other, as some of them had kids at nursery together.”

She added that she was surprised how quickly the group had grown.

“It started off with just 18 people that I’d met on the school run and it has just ballooned from there. I think we are at nearly 560 now – it’s just gone bonkers!”

The group has now become so much more than just a Facebook page for Mum’s.

“The community side is almost ramping up more than the Mum’s side of things, because it helps everybody out.

“On Christmas day we ran out of carrots, I posted a message up on the group and two people replied saying they had carrots going spare. I didn’t even know these people! That is what the group is all about.”

Ruddington parish councillor Barbara Breakwell said that the group had captured the imagination of the village’s residents and given them a sense of pride in their home.

“Ruddington Mums has engaged the residents of Ruddington, growing from virtual conversations to actual face-to-face social interactions.

She added: “It has given people a sense of belonging and pride in the area in which they live. Credit goes to Miss R Mums.”

Other residents were also keen to comment on the wider impact the group has made.

Independent beauty specialist Joanne Lale said the group had brought a sense of community to the village.

She added: “It’s helped me find out what’s going in the village. It’s also helped my business and I have made some new friends too.”

For more information, head to the Ruddington Mums Facebook page.