Rampton Hospital secures successful audit result

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Rampton Hospital has received an impressive score of 97% in a recent audit by the Prison Service, which looked at the risk reduction and security in place at the Hospital

The high secure hospital near Retford, which is managed by Nottinghamshire Healthcare, has consistently received excellent ratings each year, reflecting the dedication of staff to ensure the safety of patients, colleagues and the public.

Lee Brammer, Head of Security at the Hospital said: “This is a great result. The audit team provided some very positive feedback. They continue to be impressed with ward teams and theWA3Z2283 (2) quality of reporting. The team commented on more than one occasion on the compassionate approach to care and treatment that is evident not just from care records, but from observing staff and patient interactions. They said that they would be proud to work in the Rampton Hospital service and thanked all staff members for the warm and open way in which they were welcomed and assisted in their work.

“Security is paramount at the Hospital and we are continually working to reduce risk so that we can provide a safe, therapeutic environment which enhances the effective care, treatment and recovery of our patients. The process to apply what we have learned from the audit team feedback and score, together with honest appraisal about preparation, support, training and application commences now. I want to thank all staff for their hard work every day to make a difference to the lives of the patients at Rampton Hospital.”

Each year an action plan is developed to address areas of improvement and this year the Hospital will look to increase performance in record keeping and evidencing security checks. Processes and procedures relating to the Hospital Digital Radio Network and Patient Telephone System will also be reviewed and revised.