More People Investing in Aesthetic Treatments Than Ever Before

Katherine Bale, Centros Unico

MORE MEN and women in Derby and Derbyshire are choosing to spend a little extra each month on their appearance, a Derby beauty clinic has reported.

Aesthetic beauty clinic Centros Unico, situated in Intu Derby, has said it is experiencing first-hand what national statistics back-up –  that more people are investing in anti-ageing, hair removal and fat reduction treatments than ever before, and even more so in the lead up to Christmas.

Centros Unico offers luxury aesthetic treatments using the latest technology and innovating in skin care.

Katherine Bale, co-owner of Derby Centros Unico, said as the clinic approaches its first year of trading, hundreds of women and more men are seeking out its services.

She said: “We are seeing a reflection on the national trend here in Derby that nearly a third of UK adults are now investing in aesthetic treatments.

“Laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments. This year alone we have had more than 500 clients come into the clinic to have a course of laser hair removal. While the majority of our clients are female, we also have a growing proportion of male customers wanting to improve their appearance.

“Traditionally, aesthetic treatments have been perceived as only affordable for the ‘rich and famous’ but we pride ourselves on tackling that misconception and letting people know we offer a bespoke service by highly qualified clinicians at an affordable price. It has been clear on opening our Derby branch that there was a gap in the market and a great demand.

“When speaking to clients we find that the main motivation for having treatments is to maintain youthfulness but also clients see it as a treat and a way to reward themselves for working hard for example.”

The national survey, conducted by Market Watch, found that one in five women in the UK have dermal fillers to turn the clock back and retain their beauty while almost 40 per cent of respondents, aged 25-44, said they would have aesthetic treatment if their partner wanted them to.

Katherine added: “We are seeing that our wrinkle reduction treatments are our second most asked for treatment after laser hair removal which is not a surprise. With our youth obsessed culture we are all under more pressure to look younger and of course we all want to feel good too.

“Centros Unico is constantly innovating in skincare and a lot of our treatments are driven by demand.”

Centros Unico employs seven staff in Derby and has specialist doctors and therapists who administer its treatments in the comfort of the clinic.

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