The MARS BAR man is back!


The Mars bar is out for probably one last time. I’m going to chase it around Nottingham’s Robin Hood Half Marathon course on 26 September 2016, not because of my love of chocolate, which I have, but my passion for a wonderful local charity called School for Parents based in Sneinton.

My sole reason for chasing a Mars bar is to give something back to the charity that loved, helped, and nurtured my beautiful little granddaughter who has Down’s syndrome. They also supported her mum, my daughter, when she most needed it.

“Our hopes for Florence are the same as every other grandparent – that she is happy and healthy and has support to achieve whatever she wants in life. SfP put us on the right track and I know Florence will do, and usually does do exactly what she wants, but I also know that we and the staff at SfP are doing absolutely everything possible to make sure this happens.”

Small, local charities struggle to raise funds so I am, through my little business and old body, trying to help in some small way. I sell photocopier/printers and for any leads generated from now until September, I will donate 20% of my profit towards the fund.

Your support is vital to help make this work. Another [fitter] runner who would like to follow me with collecting buckets is welcome – but no overtaking or trying to get at my MARS BAR! Please spread the word and forward this to as many people as possible. I need sponsors, generous benefactors, local businesses and local media to give this some publicity.

Please visit my fundraising link, also visit School for Parents website to see what they do. Contact me at or 07581 265 531.