Kohl Kreatives – Cosmetic Make Up Artists for Helping Through Change.


Trishna Daswaney

Born and raised in Hong Kong, which is as you can imagine is just as diverse and multicultural in itself, her dad was an entrepreneur and in a sense Trishna always looked up to that as an inspiration.

Her mum on the other hand worked as an aesthetic trainer and was holistic and intensley into well being. If you put the two together then this subliminally must have been in the back of Trishna’s head the whole time!

Trishna decided to go to Nottingham University to do a degree in Management, and whilst doing her degree she watched a movie ‘my sister’s keeper’. In this movie there is a scene where the girl goes to a prom and she looks so beautiful, despite being terminally ill. A big part of the way she felt, no doubt had to do with the way she looked and at that moment, Trishna thought ‘that if I could make someone feel that good about themselves with making them feel whole again I would’.

After her degree, Trishna trained in makeup and prosthetics at various institutes – The Carlton Institute, London College of Fashion, London School of Media and makeup and hair at Toni and Guy.

Once Trishna had completed these courses she began to create her portfolio, and started to fundraise for ‘my passion’ project. consequently the passion project has became her reality. Now, Trishna runs her work out of Nottingham fulltime, and aims to grow the amount of people that she helps cosmetically. This is not exclusive to just people that lose features through cancer (brows and lashes) she also helps people with scarring, burns, and alopecia.

In order to generate funds for the charity aspect, Trishna also has a brush line, as well as do editorials and wedding makeup. Finally she also does workshops, these workshops are for everybody, they’re trend based or based on whatever people want to learn i.e. contouring / strobing, and come with a goodybag full of tools and cosmetics to take home and complete the look.

Please keep hold of the story and view the website for more information on how they they can you. www.kohlkreatives.co.uk