Julie Parry-Jones


Health and Wellbeing Editor at iNSIDEONE MAGAZINE

Several years ago whilst working in the Pharmaceutical industry I became very concerned about the way patients were often prescribed drugs that were sometimes quite old and had a recognised number of nasty side effects, these where often the cheaper drugs available to doctors

It also became clear that many people just blindly accepted whatever their doctors told them and whatever drugs they prescribed without question!

Because of this observed general lack of personal responsibility and my great passion for health and wellbeing I decided to become an expert and educator on the subject of Healthy Living. Having obtained a BSc in Health Science, I now work to help people and business’s to be more aware of the action they can take to become proactive in their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of employees.

I do this via Public Speaking, Educational seminars and workshops, One to one coaching and by offering free information through my website and regular blog posts www.julieparryjones.com

I am equally passionate about promoting the huge benefits of preventative healthcare, of having the right information to make informed choices about health and life style and to protect ourselves against such things as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stress related conditions.

So if you need to regain control of your health, want to become more active both mentally and physically and want to protect yourself against serious illness and live longer; then
please start now!

All you need to do is take some form of action today! Start by asking questions, do your own research and seek out people like me to help you become more aware of health related issues generally, but especially those which may be more specific to you and your wellbeing.

Remember doctors do sometimes make mistakes; they may not be up to date with the latest developments, they may also be affected by monetary restraints, so it makes sense to get educated and take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing as well as seeking professional help when needed.

Starting in next months addition of insideone magazine we will be featuring the ASK JULIE column designed to answer any health and live style related questions our readers may have.

Please submit your questions via email to health@insideonemagazine.com. All questions may not be printed but Julie has agreed to personally respond to all questions received.