Juice & Cleanse


Juice & Cleanse are dedicated to helping their customers improve their health and wellbeing through our cleansing and detoxification programmes. Juice & Cleanse opened it doors in March 2014.

Juice & Cleanse packages a great way of helping kick start a healthy eating regime, they can aid in weight loss, they can help release drugs, toxins and other chemicals from stored fat which can then be eliminated, they can increase energy levels, improve metal clarity, enhance physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, help with depression and anxiety, boost the immune system and reduce the burden of the digestive system allowing it to heal.

A little bit about us: “My name is Nicola Cole and I am the founder and owner of Juice & Cleanse, which is Nottingham’s very first Juice detox delivery company. We make and deliver Fresh Cold Pressed Juice Cleanses to your door – all over the UK. The company has a Juice Bar in Stapleford where you can purchase our cold pressed juices, we also have café style seating for people wishing to sit and relax while enjoying our juices and smoothies.

We pride ourselves on only using the freshest ingredients, our produce is always fresh and all of our juices are made fresh to order in front of you. We have a huge menu with a wide range of ingredients. To name just a few: Beetroot, Carrot & Orange Watermelon, Mint and Cucumber Broccoli, Apple, Cucumber & Lime We also love giving advice and juicing tips to our customers who pop into see us. Our Juice Cleanse packages consist of: 5 x 500 ml Cold Pressed Juices per day and lots of complimentary extras to help with the cleanse process.

All of our packages include the following: Lemon shots, psyllium husk, caffeine free herbal tea, bicarbonate of soda, body brush, Epsom bath salts and a full instruction booklet with full phone/email support throughout the duration of your cleanse. We are the only place in Nottingham that grows our own Organic Wheatgrass. We sell our wheatgrass in 30ml shots. You can purchase wheatgrass shots in the juice bar or add them to your juice cleanse package.

Wheatgrass juice is an effective healer because it contains chlorophyll, all minerals known to man, vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E & K. It is extremely rich in protein and contains 17 amino acids.

All of our juices can be purchased in individual bottles and we offer a free delivery service to medium – large size businesses/offices in Nottingham that wish to place regular orders with us. A lot of the big corporate companies are working to create an environment that encourages and supports health and wellbeing.

It is our belief that a caring company can achieve greater engagement and productivity through gently persuading employees to take care of their health. The modern epidemics of obesity, lack of exercise and stress have a direct impact on productivity and quality of life. This is where we believe Juice & Cleanse may be able to help by delivering our fresh cold pressed juices to your place of work. It is common to hit a mid day slump at about two o’clock in the afternoon and feel ready to take a nap. We lose all our energy and just want to curl up and sleep or lounge somewhere and do mindless activities.

We can help solve this problem by delivering you freshly made juices and smoothies, all made from 100% fresh fruit and vegetables. Juicing is also a great way of getting children to consume more fruit & veg. We can very sneakily slip some green veg into a child’s juice, add apple and lime to sweeten and they think they are just drinking fresh fruit juice. This is becoming very popular with the mums out there who are trying to increase their child’s intake of fruit & veg.” Juice & Cleanse are located at: 210 Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham, NG9 7AY

Our website is www.juiceandcleanse.com Like us on Facebook – juiceandcleanse Follow us on Twitter – @ juiceandcleanse