Why it’s so good for your health and your pocket to continue working into retirement

Senior couple riding bicycles

Picturing yourself in your retirement years, may mean sitting in the sun on a tropical beach, time spent enjoying your garden, quality time to spent with the grandchildren, more time on the golf course or possibly travelling the world!

So would you be surprised if I told you that for many people of retirement age, continuing to work makes more sense and gives them the opportunity to follow their true passion!

Don’t think that this means you can’t balance your work life with enjoyable activities, such as holidays and family activities. Instead, going back to work or starting your own small business can be a complementary activity to a fulfilling life. Whether you do it on a voluntarily basis or out of necessity to top up your pension saving, working after retirement can offer many benefits.

Lifestyle-Related Reasons to Work

For many, working provides more than a payslip. It offers happiness and purpose, social interaction, staying in the working world can provide many lifestyle benefits, in addition to financial gains:

  • Working can Help Your Physical and Mental Health
    Not only can working delay the onset of age-related diseases like dementia, but keeping mentally and physically active helps you feel and look younger for longer. Working also keep you socially active and prevents isolation, and can provide a sense of purpose.
  • An opportunity to work and earn money for yourself – SACK THE BOSS!
    Like many you may decide to continue to work simply because you truly love your job. Or you could really go for it and follow your dreams by starting your own small business. Work the hours you want to work follow your passion and top up your pension fund all at the same time! http://www.julieparryjones.com/Senior-Entrepreneurs/
  • Maybe you Simply Want to Work Part-Time Instead of Full-Time
    Working full-time often means structuring your life around your job, this can become stressful and draining for many stopping you from doing the things that are important to you. By switching to a job with fewer hours or working for yourself you can create more flexibility and free time.

Here’s a great example; a married couple, good friends of mine Jane and Alan decided that standard retirement was not for them, they wanted to do something together and had always had an interest in health and wellbeing.

So a few years before they were due to retire they started looked around and decided to start their own business with the support of a great company well known in the health industry, they are now independent business owners hugely successful, full of life and two of the most positive up beat people I know, they have financial freedom and total peace of mind for the future!

  • Maybe you just can’t Imagine Not Working
    after a lifetime spent working, many retirees just don’t know what to do with themselves without a job. After a lifetime of specific goals, meetings, long to-do lists and friendships. The unstructured days of retirement can seem challenging a little frightening and in some cases plain boring, this can also impact on the relationship with partners.

As many of you may spend 25 – 30 years in retirement as we all continue to live longer you really need to take your retirement years seriously. Just as you planned your career and family in your 20’s or 30’s you now need to consider planning for your retirement years,

Reasons why you may need to keep working

With many facing a shortfall in pension savings, working in retirement can offers many benefits. Unfortunately, a lot people who don’t want to continue working in a job the no longer enjoy have to do so for financial reasons. Many people working post-retirement say financial issues are the primary reason they remain in the workforce.

Saving for retirement can be difficult for many people, there simply may not be enough money to put a side each month so continuing to work really is a necessity. But maybe you’re desperate to leave a job that you’re really not happy doing. Having this sort of pressure in your life can lead to health issue’s which you’d clearly like to avoid. The good news is that you do have options, to find out more email me at julie@julieparryjones.com giving me a brief insight into your situation and I will respond.


Working in retirement can give you a real sense of purpose, a connection to your community, and financial rewards. But you really need to plan for this exciting time of life – not just from a work point of view because without good health you will not have the energy to do the things that are important to you and your family. So let’s ramp up your retirement savings and put a plan in place to keep you fit and healthy into retirement, that way you can really enjoy every minute! So if you want peace of mind just like Jane and Alan please get on touch with me soonJ


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