Health Benefits: Ginger


Did you know that this peculiar root could speed up weight loss, and can help prevent a cold or flu? Ginger is a secret health food that enhances blood sugar control, can bring down a high blood pressure and stimulates the digestive system.

Egyptians researchers found that ginger supplemented weight loss in rats (European Review for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 17: 75-83, 2013).

The fiery root has been a powerhouse in Oriental cooking for generations, but how can you apply this to your diet without a spice overload?

1.       Coffee.

Why not give your coffee an extra kick in the morning by grating a small amount of root ginger into it? Coffee has also been shown to have some positive effects in terms of strength, power and memory*. It’s sure to be worth getting up for!

2.       Salad.

If you’re counting the calories, ginger is a great way to spice up a plain nicoise. Sprinkle a small amount over your greens rather than drowning it with dressing. Ginger basically has no fat, no sugar, so all you’re getting is the anti-oxidants and gingery goodness.

3.       Yoghurt.

A little ginger into Greek yoghurt (maybe with some muesli) would surely be a great way to start your day. The coolness of the yoghurt balances out the fiery pang of the ginger, so this is a great option for those who aren’t a fan of overly spicy food.

 4.       Stir Fry.

Throw together a simple stir fry with thai prawns, black beans, spring onions and ginger. Add some egg noodles and make a paste with fish sauce, the ginger and spring onions. Add in a red pepper for a little sweetness, and you’ve got yourself a guilt free homemade takeaway.