The Hargreaves Project


The Hargreaves sisters consist of Stephanie and Elena Hargreaves, Two siblings from Nottingham

They not only are both singer-song writers but also hold a talent for acting, as Elena studied at the prestigious drama school Mountview in London. Elena recently worked alongside Danny Boyle in his latest Channel 4 TVDrama.

Stephanie studied her degree in music business and vocal performance at the renowned music school ACM in London and recently won The Young Creative Nottingham Award.

The sisters are known for their heart felt lyrics and also their unique blending harmonies that complement each other’s performances. The Hargreaves Project begins in the Milford School on Monday 3rd of February from 9am. The Hargreaves project is an exciting initiative to inspire children to express themselves through words, poetry and music.

The Hargreaves Project is a partnership between the Hargreaves sisters, the Nottingham Robin Hood Youth Orchestra and children from the Clifton Milford Academy primary school and One Nottingham. The Hargreaves Project will reach its finale on May 1st at the Albert Hall, Nottingham when all of the members of the initiative will take part in a showcase, at which they will perform music written by the primary school children and the Hargreaves.

It will be accompanied by the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra from Nottingham City’s own music hub, made up of secondary school students, and with special guests who will be announced nearer the date. The showcase will also see the release of an EP which will feature the children and the Hargreaves to raise money for the Nottingham Education Trust.

Elena Hargreaves said that “This is a fabulous opportunity to inspire Nottingham children to express themselves, we are really looking forward to writing with 10 year old and to play the music with a full orchestra of Nottingham young people”

“Through the excitement of this project our ambition is to inspire young people to create. All children have it within them to write and to make music. The work we are doing here can be a model to inspire and motivate children across all schools.” Said Stephanie Hargreaves, Nottingham Young Creative Awards music winner in 2013.

The Hargreaves Project sets out to:
• inspire Nottingham children to express themselves, to explore their potential and to aspire to achieve.
• raise funds for and awareness of the Nottingham Education Trust.
• enjoy the musical and artistic collaboration between the Hargreaves, the children and the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra.

The Albert Hall showcase is open to all and tickets will shortly be available, also with profits going to the Nottingham Education Trust.

Ian Burton, the Musical Director of the Robin Hood Youth Orchestra said “all young people in Nottingham have the potential to write to sing, to play and to succeed this is a great way to celebrate their talent and enthusiasm! We hope to inspire many more to follow this example”