Hands Up If You Hate Social Media!


It is an established fact that social media is here to stay. Blogging, tweeting, friend requests and fan pages are the lexicon of the modern world

Twitter is all the rage. Facebook has over 1 billion users. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and a blog is now the central hub for all your news. All these web concepts have a single important element in common: they are all ‘two way streets’ when it comes to communication. People are already talking about your friends, interests, favourite brands – your business if you have one – it’s just a question of whether you’re involved in the conversation.

All of which can feel very daunting for small businesses and entrepreneurs. By the time you’ve thought about what to say, replied to various messages, tweeted, blogged and posted to Facebook it’s time to go home again and you haven’t even started your day’s work!

shakeShake Social are Nottingham’s premier social media agency. They offer social media management, training and support to a range of clients and pride themselves on their strategic and imaginative approach. They manage the social media for various companies, charities and organisations, both locally and nationally, and work hard to ensure that their clients have a dynamic and meaningful online presence.

As part of their drive to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get to grips with social media marketing, they will be sharing a different top tip each month with you here in Insideone.

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