Fuel for the Future?

businessman driving car

If I told you that you could run your car on £1.50 per 1,000 miles, save 30% on average fuel consumption, all from a small box that fits in the boot of your car, you’d think I was pulling your leg.

Via-Aqua-logoWell, thanks to two experienced engineers in Nottingham, this could become a reality in the very near future.

Rob Pearson and Frank Staples from Via Aqua have invented a special piece of kit that is easy to install into cars that run on petrol or diesel, and can even be interchanged between cars, making money-saving capabilities with regards to fuel for families within reaching distance, and now a brand new patent has allowed Via Aqua to begin selling the product.

Now, for the technicalities. Although the box does not interfere with any of the cars electronics, it does work with them to produce a product called Oxyhydrogen- a 2:1 ratio of oxygen and hydrogen. The technology has been being developed by Via Aqua for 6 years, and has been through rigorous testing  and safety checks.

At first glance, this may seem to be just a story relating to fuel- but it isn’t. The wider implications of the product could reduce costs for everyday products such as food and clothing, something Rob is very optimistic about.

“When you consider the cost of delivering these things that people use everyday, a product that reduces fuel costs by up to 30% is generally quite exciting, particularly with large couriers where a lot of expense goes on fuel”.

We will continue to monitor this product and we look forward to  recieiving further data to support this engineering achievment. For now we are happy to share the news fromVia Aqua and look forward to hearing more on the development and the involvement of independent reviews.