The Freefall


After the success of the Boilermaker Bar website in 2013 FAHdesigns were commissioned with the design and build of the rapidly growing Nottingham Indie band ‘The Freefall’

The band is managed by Nottingham based firm Vision Development Consultants, and come under the creative and watchful eye of Brendan Blewett, who recommended FAHdesigns for this project.

Leading from the front
The main brief for the website was fun, informative, interactive and identifiable. With the band already having a large fan base, the new website has been built to allow the band members to communicate directly with their followers. It was essential that a forum was built to provide this facility just as much as individual ‘fridge shelves’ containing information on each band member. The website is a responsive design that uses a bespoke framework which has enabled the functionality of the site to display on multiple devices and browsers that match the bands requirements.

Navigation made easy
On opening the website you immediately see the wow factor! The band announces your arrival at their site in true ‘Freefall’ style. The first image you see is the closed retro refrigerator which is proudly standing in front of 1970’s kitchen wallpaper editor- ‘ahh I remember those days very well’. To the right are two shelves with the top shelf having a radio which prompts you to turn on, by doing this a page opens displaying a list of some their tracks for you to listen to. After switching off the radio (by closing the page) I navigated to the ‘Fan’ which brilliantly opened into the ‘Fans Forum’ simplicity is back!

With the website being launched officially over the summer months, it felt like I was in an exclusive place (in the Forum that is), It was almost like viewing a brand new property prior to an open day. With forum topics already for presentation and ready for content to populate the pages, this is a great place and immediately brought you close to the band. Finally on the forum, The Freefall want to be close to their followers and through this ‘chat room’ it will be them who will be replying, not their manager or anyone else for that matter, you will receive real feedback from the people that count and that’s from the band, I just love that idea in its own simplicity.

Inside the fridge
No, it’s not a name of a new track but it is indeed a fridge shelf dedicated for each band member! By clicking on a band member a fridge door opens to display each band member’s social media icons, this way you can follow them as individuals and communicate on a one on one basis. Their own individual pick of the week, each band member has their own photo snaps to share. It’s a really cool place ’pardon the pun’.

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This is most definitely one of the most attractive and easiest to use websites that we have seen for a band and something really fresh for all performing artists to seriously consider.

FAHdesigns have shown their creativity, their ability in the web design and will provide a full demonstration on designs for other bands / creative arts and media people, but for originality, this website will always stay with the band ‘The Freefall’.


Vision Development Consultants