Creativity leads accountancy firm in supporting local growth


Artisum based in Nottingham have always believed that there is a great potential to be successful and creative in such a vibrant city

Initially, Artisum’s target audience was working with creative businesses and freelancers in achieving their financial goals. However, their work now includes working with all business sectors, with all levels of creative experience. Tim Bellamy, Managing Director of Artisum said “it is imperative that we help those companies realise their potential creative side, as this will lead to many opportunities of growth for that client. It will help them see things differently and work for better solutions.”

Artisum understand that everybody and every business is unique & individual, therefore they tailor their services to meet your specific business needs.

Recently, the business has moved in to supporting local growth within the creative quarter of Nottingham. This is through apprenticeships in conjunction with Nottingham City Council and BEST Social Enterprise. Collectively they are working passionately to create employment and training opportunities for many young people. As to date they have created many vacancies that will be filled by their partners over the next financial quarter.

Artisum have now opened up new vacancies with the general employment sector within the city of Nottingham, they now welcome the opportunity to speak with local companies across the whole city and look forward to providing help and advice.

For further detailed information on these opportunities, please get in touch with them and find out where your own flair will take you:

Artisum Accounting for creativity, The Corner, 8 Stoney Street, Nottingham, NG1 1LH
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