BSB Sky new tact brings a wind of change


Looking after your customers used to come second in the consumer stakes.

Time and time again you have to change insurance companies every year as they dont look after their customers with deals and gratitude, until now!
BSB Sky have changed all that. Either because of new competition from BT or Virgin, well I don’t know about that but what I can say is that if you have recently left sky because of the cost of their packages, it wouldn’t harm you to investigate further now.

In July I left Sky as the cost for the full package of Sports, Movies and the Entertainment Channel was just under a jaw dropping £60.00 per month.

Why did you leave? So excited of having BT Infinity with Sport that once I was told where I lived was ok to receive, I cancelled Sky. What an idiot of me. I was sold down the garden path and 12 weeks later I was told that they are no closer to fitting the fibre optic. Totally not impressed.

Roll on this month… One call to Sky and now im back with them and only for £28.00 per month for 12 months !! what a result and all because they respect their customers history ( update…and no doubt because BT have won the champions league viewing rights too)

Dont just take my word for it, give them a call. I just hope insurance companies decide to take  this stance more seriously now.

Well done Sky