Babbington Rescue


Babbington Rescue Community Interest Company was first established in February 1993 for the sole purpose to help lost and abandoned dogs.

The rescue have a none destruction policy and now deal with around 1300 dogs a year which represents over 1% of the total UK stray and abandoned dogs annually as recorded by the Dogs Trust. Since the rescue changed hands in mid 2003, they have found homes for nearly 4,000 dogs. This makes the rescue the largest independently funded rescue in the UK.

The rescue center are renowned for helping dogs from all walks of lives from those who have been abandoned and found as strays, dogs tied up outside of the rescue or along the roads close by, dogs who have lost their owners and have no-one else to look after them, those who have been abused and unloved and many more. Once accepted into the rescue a dog stays until a home is found no matter what their age or how long it takes.

fenced play area picPeople travel from all around the country to visit the rescue center due to their excellent reputation of the love and care they give to each and every dog who passes through the doors of Babbington.

Did you know it costs more than £600 a day to feed, care and provide vet services for the dogs they have in at any one time.

All of their income goes straight to our dogs to pay for vaccinations, spaying/neutering, any other vet care needed, microchipping, food, water, heating, bedding, staff and lots more to ensure these dogs get the best care and help them find their forever home. Babbington are a true dog rescue, in more than just name.

Babbington rely on public donations and support from volunteers to help them keep the essential work they do running. Here is a few ways in which you can get involved:

  • Donate – you can donate cash online, or provide food, bedding, toys and other essentials for the dogs
  • Volunteer – you can visit the center and help walk some of the rescue dogs to give the very busy staff the time to look after the dogs and also provide information and manage dog meets with potential new ‘mums and dads’. Once you have been volunteering a while you can apply to become a home checker, where you will visit a potential adopters home and follow a rehoming checklist to ensure the home is safe and secure and right for that dog.
  • Shop – Babbington have an online shop where you can purchase dog and cat beds, food, toys, treats, clothing and much more and their expert staff are on hand to advise you.
  • Support at events – Babbington host a number of dog shows and community events to raise money for the rescue. The next one is Saturday 16th July – Dog Fun Show. Several show classes are available for all dogs to be entered. There will also be a BBQ, children’s rides and play structure and much more.
  • Hire the fenced play area – for dogs who are learning recall or just want to have a safe runaround


Rescue of month TitoRescue of the month
Tito – A white American Bulldog cross has gone to live with staff member Claire and her 3 other Babbington rescue dogs. Tito was previously overlooked due to his size, yet we can say first hand from walking him he is a gentle giant. His commands were excellent and he walked incredibly well on the lead. Here you can see him settled into his new home with his new family! Please do talk to the staff who have experience with each dog and will be able to advise you on the right dog to suit your family and lifestyle.

Dog of the month – please consider re-homing me!!!
Each month we will feature a rescue dogs who is in desperate need of a home due to them being in kennels a long time or maybe they are not doing so well and need a home to stop them from being lonely and sad.

Dog of month CeaserContact details:

Babbington Hall Ltd, Babbington, Westby Lane, Nottingham, NG16 2SS
+44 (0)115 932 4576

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