Autism East Midlands service users discover life changing phone app designed specifically for Autism

Brain in Hand is a revolutionary approach to help individuals with conditions such as autism, anxiety, mild or moderate mental illness, or recovering from brain injury. It helps them to live more independently at home and be more effective in education or the workplace.

Brain in Hand provides people with personalised support from an app on their phone. Features include instant access to pre-planned coping strategies, a diary to help structure time and “recipes” for difficult to remember tasks, a monitor to track anxiety levels and a system to request support if things don’t go to plan. From a secure website support staff can monitor usage, track success of interventions and identify new issues.

Autism East Midlands identified that Brain in Hand, a cloud-based solution, could make a big difference to many of its service users. The innovation, Brain in Hand, helps those who experience high levels of anxiety, and who may need support to be able to cope with a change to routine.

Brain in Hand has been piloted within Autism East Midlands with service users like Luke Hemstock. Luke can find it hard to cope with the daily stresses of life, in particular unexpected changes, which can cause him to experience anxiety and anger. To help Luke better cope with his anxieties, Austim East Midlands introduced assistive technology, Brain in Hand, to his support plan. Brain in Hand has made a significant difference to Luke. It has helped him to take control of his behaviour and manage his own stress and anxieties.

Commenting on the technology Luke says: “I have a Brain in hand phone and it’s helped me to control my anxieties and stress. It has really helped me control my anger for the problems I face and I’ve got much better ever since using it.”

Talking of the project, Jane Howson, CEO, Autism East Midlands, said: “As a parent-led charity, we are totally committed to providing individuals and their families with the support they need to live their lives to the full, throughout their lives. Brain in Hand can increase such personalisation and targeting of individual care”.

The results seen by the Brain in Hand programme has led to a further roll-out of the technology at Autism East Midlands. The charity is currently rolling the technology out across all of its service areas, with many more users introduced to this innovative mobile platform.

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